“I didn’t plan to be a furniture maker. It happened by accident,” says Erin True, founder and owner of Urban Wood Goods. Surrounded by tons of reclaimed lumber soon to be turned into tables in her 12,000-square-foot Chicago warehouse, it’s hard to imagine how impressive her purposeful actions could be.

Range Rover

For some, the risk of moving to a new city for a new relationship with no job would take courage. For Erin it was a natural leap.

Range Rover Land Rover Owner Story

After leaving her teaching job in Detroit, Erin knew she needed a new professional direction. She read an article on reclaimed-wood furniture and took a drive to pick up an old joist she’d found online. Before she put her high school woodshop skills to work and sold that first bench, she was hooked. “Driving out to sites to find lumber and give it new life as furniture is such an adventure.”

“I always loved Range Rovers growing up. Owning one has been a goal, something I’ve really worked toward.”

Erin True, Founder and Owner of Urban Wood Goods
Range Rover Land Rover Owner Story

What started as one joist in the garage soon turned into a lumber stockpile. As the orders picked up, so did her relationship. Jason True is now her husband and business partner. “There was a point when I realized that we’d outgrown the garage. We needed more space.”

Range Rover Land Rover Owner Story

Fast-forward to now. With a successful business under her belt, she can see how far her bravery has taken her. But it’s not the success that makes her happy; it’s the ability to craft something new from old and have it mean something.

“A dining table is one of the most special places you can be. People gather to eat—but also do homework, fall in love, share conversations, laugh and cry. Knowing the history of the wood adds wisdom to that meaning.”

“To me, my Range Rover represents luxury, craftsmanship and quality. It’s what I aspire for my brand to be.”

                     Erin True, Founder and Owner of Urban Wood Goods


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