At Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC (“we”), we are committed to ensuring that individuals with disabilities enjoy full access to our websites.

We are committed to providing websites that substantially conform with the WCAG 2.1 Level A success criteria, and strive to reach Level AA success criteria in all aspects of our communications. Our code, design and user experiences are regularly checked against these guidelines using both manual and automated methods, and where problems are found we are committed to finding a solution. This website also incorporates content and a number of services provided by third parties, and we work with these partners to ensure that their content and services adhere to the same standards of accessibility.


Since 2019, we have conducted regular accessibility audits of our Website platforms, identifying areas where we do not meet success criteria under the WCAG 2.1 guidelines for level A and AA. We have invested a significant amount of time and resources addressing any shortcoming, refactoring our codebase so that all users have a great user experience.

We have taken steps to make our site compatible with assistive technologies like screen readers, so our sites work for users with a wide range to disabilities. There has been a particular focus on ensuring all required technologies and best practices are in place to support assistive technologies, including:

• Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) labels

• Image descriptions for all images

• Video captions

• Logical tabbing orders

• Defined Color Contrast ratios

We are also committed to ensuring that any new changes to the website, whether it be content or new website functionality, continue to meet these high standards.


Working with industry experts at Uservision and Zoonou, as well as technical partners at our website development and design agencies, we have been working to ensure our websites satisfy the success criteria of the WCAG 2.0 guidelines.

Our approach is to test our websites using evaluation methodology based on the WCAG Evaluation Methodology. We have conducted manual accessibility audits using both code reviews and the assistive technology pairings detailed below, that are then supplemented with automated reviews using Sortsite and Wave.

Due to the technical limitations of some online automated accessibility validation tools, our website may not appear to pass some of these tests in some scenarios, which is why we use a combination of automated and manual review techniques to confirm we conform to the requirements.

We document any genuine found issues and prioritize them according to overall impact on the user experience. Issues that greatly affect the website experience for those with disabilities are immediately addressed.


There are a number of tools within your browser and device "Preferences" and "Settings" that can help you make the most of our website, These include text-to-speech assistance and options to increase the size of the text you see on screen. The following specific keyboard shortcuts can be used with the site’s vehicle navigation panel:

↑ to Navigate up through the vehicle list.
↓ to Navigate down through the vehicle list.
← to Navigate left through the selected vehicle’s information.
→ to Navigate right through the selected vehicle’s information.
ESC to Close the whole vehicle panel.
SPACE to Open the vehicle information panel.
? to Open a help window.

We recommend the use of the following third-party tools, with our best efforts made to ensure our websites are compatible with these tools. All these tools work in a slightly different manner, so we cannot guarantee full compatibility with each individual tool:

JAWS (desktop screen reader) Chrome (18 or Later Version)    
NVDA (desktop screen reader) Firefox (Latest Version)    
VoiceOver on Mac OS (desktop screen reader) Chrome (Latest Version)    
VoiceOver on iOS (mobile screen reader) Safari (Version 12 or Later)    
TalkBack (mobile screen reader) Chrome (Latest Version)    
Windows Magnifier or Apple Zoom (screen magnifiers) Any     
Dragon (speech recognition) Internet Explorer 11 (15 or Later)    


Our websites now meet most WCAG 2.0 Level A or AA success criteria, and we have done a great deal of work to give all website visitors a great user experience. Still, some issues remain in a handful of our more complex interactive functionalities, and we are working to resolve them currently. You may encounter difficulty with the following:

• Videos – i.e. - enhancement pending to enable Video text transcripts
• Legal Caveats – enhancement pending to deliver a clearer link between caveat symbols and caveats
• Maps – i.e. Retailer Locator - enhancement pending to improve ability to tab through results
• Stories Functionality – i.e. - enhancements pending to make content fully accessible
• Interior 360 viewer – i.e. - enhancement pending to provide link to Interior Image Gallery

Where possible, we provide a link to an alternative web page with content or functionality that is accessible, so all users are able to access relevant information


Your views on how we provide an accessible, usable website are extremely important to us and we welcome any feedback you may have.

If you experience an issue with our website’s accessibility, encounter a problem navigating the website, or would like to provide feedback, please contact our support team:

Phone: 1-800-346-3493

This page was last updated on June 28, 2021.