The United States Equestrian Federation serves as the National Governing Body for Equestrian Sport in the U.S., uniting a community of athletes, coaches, fans, and enthusiasts. US Equestrian is dedicated to pursuing excellence and promoting the growth of the sport, all while providing and maintaining a safe and level playing field for its equine and human athletes across more than 2,300 USEF licensed equestrian events each year. In addition, US Equestrian is responsible for the training, selection and funding of the US Equestrian Teams who consistently win medals at the highest level of international competition including the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Defender has proudly served as the Official Luxury Vehicle of US Equestrian since 2009, title sponsor of the U.S. Eventing Team and U.S. Driving Team, and title sponsor of the Defender Kentucky Three-Day Event, host of the Defender/USEF CCI5* National Championship.

Defender’s longstanding philanthropical commitment expanded in 2021 with the launch of the US Equestrian Federation Pack, a curated suite of equestrian lifestyle and vehicle accessories. For each vehicle pack that is sold, Defender will donate $250 to the USEF Community Outreach Opportunity Fund, with the goal of reaching $50,000.

Underpinning the relationship between Defender and the US Equestrian is a deep understanding that horse and rider combinations are unique and specific, just as each driver deserves a unique and specific vehicle tailored to their needs.

Range Rover EVENTING


The Defender U.S. Eventing Team demonstrate their precision and endurance through a triathlon of dressage, cross-country and show jumping. Eventing typically takes place over the course of three days, focusing on one category of competition each day. During the dressage portion of the event, rider and horse must perform a sequence of rehearsed movements on the flat to exhibit the depth of their training. Cross-country tests showcase stamina as the equestrians take on a series of solid obstacles and varied terrain. Finally, show jumping allows the team to display their precision by clearing a course of fences.

Range Rover DRIVING


The Defender U.S. Driving Team, much like the eventing team, complete three tests during a competition: driven dressage, cross-country marathon and cones. Competitors ride in a carriage drawn by one, two or four horses, proving their harmony and agility while navigating obstacle courses. As in eventing, penalty points are accumulated during combined driving tests, and the equestrian with the fewest points at the end of the competition places first.



Compared to eventing and driving, hunter competitions are judged subjectively. The horses are evaluated on disposition, manners, gait, jumping ability and grace—qualities vital to Jacobean Era fox hunters as they traversed English countryside terrain. Horses must display the skill it takes to clear obstacles they might have encountered while hunting, such as negotiating creeks, ditches, walls and fences. A broad discipline, hunter classes exist for nearly every breed of horse and riders at any level.