To install this free upgrade and enjoy the benefits of Alexa, you will require:

Land Rover In-Car Display featuring Pivi Pro


Your vehicle will need to have the Pivi Pro16 infotainment system to run Amazon Alexa.

Land Rover In-Car Display featuring Online Pack Subscription


Alexa requires an internet connection. An Online Pack16†† subscription keeps you connected.

Laptop Displaying InControl Account Features


To connect your Amazon account to your vehicle, you will first need an InControl16†† account.

Phone Displaying Amazon Account


Sign into your Amazon account to start enjoying the benefits of having Alexa in your vehicle29.



Watch the short instructional video to easily install and set up Alexa in your vehicle.

Download the PDF user guide if you prefer to complete the installation using written instructions.


Your vehicle may already be set up for Alexa activation. Use the checklist to ensure you have everything you need to start the process.


Once you’ve completed set up, the Alexa ‘Tap to Talk’ icon will appear on the sidebar. Alexa is now ready to use.


A host of voice commands make your life easier and more entertaining – find out all the different ways you can use Alexa.


Skills are like apps for Alexa. Wherever you are connected, you can use the Land Rover Remote Skill on your Alexa-enabled device, or in the Alexa app to remotely control and interact with your vehicle. Just ask Alexa and you can lock and unlock the doors or check your range.


In the bottom right corner of the Alexa app, select ‘More’ and then ‘Skills & Games’. Tap the magnifying glass in the top right corner and search for ‘Land Rover Remote’.


Select the Land Rover Remote Skill and tap ‘Launch’.


Sign in to your InControl account to link the Land Rover Remote Skill.


You can now remotely interact with your Land Rover.

Phone Showing Search Option in Amazon Alexa App
Phone Showing Land Rover Remote in Amazon Alexa App
Phone Showing Sign In to Land Rover InControl Account
Phone Showing Land Rover Remote Account Successfully Linked
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What if I lend my car to somebody else?


    Make sure to sign out of your Pivi profile before letting somebody else drive your vehicle.

I am concerned about my privacy, can I turn off Alexa for a while?


    Alexa is only listening when the horizontal blue ‘Alexa chrome’ bar at the top of your Pivi Pro screen is visible. At all other times, the vehicle is listening and will only engage Alexa if it hears you say “Alexa”. You can disable this functionality through the Alexa settings in Pivi by toggling off 'always listening'. You can find out more about Amazon’s privacy policies under 'Alexa privacy' in the settings on your mobile Alexa app.

Do I need an Amazon Prime account? What do I get with an Amazon Prime account?


    No, you do not need an Amazon Prime account to use Alexa in your vehicle. However, membership fees for some services, such as Amazon Music, are included within Prime membership.

Can I use Alexa in a different language?



    Yes, you can as long as the language you wish to use is locally supported by Alexa.

Can I change the wake-up word?


    No, it's not possible to change the wake-up word from "Alexa".

Do I need to give Alexa access to my location?


    Alexa needs to know your location to answer certain questions, e.g. "what's the weather?"


    Ensure location services are enabled for your vehicle via either:


    1) Alexa smartphone app > Devices

    2) Visit and enable location services for the vehicle under devices

What does the horizontal red ‘Alexa chrome’ bar at the top of the Pivi Pro screen mean?


    If a red ‘Alexa chrome’ bar is displayed, it means Alexa is unable to proceed with the conversation. Reasons can be:

    1) Internet connectivity was lost

    2) You're attempting to use Alexa during a phone call

    3) Your Alexa account has not been authorized. There could be a number of scenarios where this might occur:

    (a) On start-up, before Alexa has had time to authorize. Wait and try again in an area of good connectivity

    (b) You did not sign in with your PIN

    (c) Authorization from Alexa has expired. Please re-link the Alexa account

    (d) Your vehicle was removed as a device in the Alexa smartphone app. Please re-link the Alexa account

Can Alexa understand two languages?


    Alexa can understand two languages if they are paired and common in your country. For example, French and English in Canada. The language selected in settings is the primary language, but Alexa can also understand a second paired language.

Why does the horizontal blue ‘Alexa chrome’ bar appear for 1-2 seconds before disappearing even though the wake-up word wasn't said?


    This can happen if Hands-Free-Listening is enabled. The vehicle thinks the user said "Alexa" so displays the listening visual. If no further instructions follow, the display will automatically disappear.

Is Alexa and the Remote Skill safe and secure to use?


    There are many security layers in place. The vehicle has a built-in security system for the remote engine start feature available through the Remote Skill.

Are conversations sent to Amazon?


    No, we do not send conversations to Amazon.

Is Amazon Music available for free?


    Amazon offers Amazon Music for free in all our Alexa-enabled vehicles. If you have a free Amazon account you can ask Alexa to play music and it will play through Amazon Music. This service does include adverts.

Can I use the Remote Skill in my car?


    No, the Remote Skill cannot activate functions from inside your vehicle.

**Amazon is always updating the number of media streaming providers that are supported. The following providers have been certified for use: Spotify, TuneIn, Amazon Music, Audible, Kindle, iHeartRadio and Pandora.

Additional products and setup required for smart home functionality.

††Online Pack 12-month subscription required.

InControl subject to market availability of third-party provider platforms and mobile phone signal.

^Connected Navigation will require further subscription after the initial term advised by your Land Rover Retailer.