• What is justDrive™?
    justDrive™ is a voice-driven, easy-to-use connected car application created specifically for owners of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles.

    With justDrive, you can easily access your personal calendar, contacts and media via the InControl system. Connect your iPhone® to the car, using USB, and justDrive will play your music and news shows, navigate to a destination, route you through traffic and parking, find food or gas or make calls without launching different apps.

    The software allows the user to use their voice to evoke certain smartphone functions hands-free. Users can play music, navigate freeways or make calls through the app's easy-to-use, voice-controlled system. For example, you can say, “Find coffee,” and a moment later a map highlighting the nearest coffee shops is displayed. You can ask the system to play a specific track from your favorite artist or album or even play the news.
  • Which smartphones and operating systems are supported?
    justDrive supports Apple iPhone 5 and above (iOS 8 or higher). Also note that using justDrive requires a smartphone with an adequate cellular data plan and it might incur cellular data charges. Please check with your cellular service provider for data plan details and more information.
  • What models is justDrive available on?
    All Land Rover models with InControl Apps compatibility. All 2015 and some 2016 models will need an update to be performed by a retailer.
  • How do I find and navigate to places?
    justDrive GO queue provides access to your previous destinations and recommended points of interest. The GO queue can also display the destination of upcoming calendar events you have scheduled.

    You can also perform a quick search for a specific location by using a voice command, simply tap the microphone button and say something like:

    "go to home"
    "navigate to Miami"
    "find pizza"
    "find theaters in downtown Los Angeles"
  • Can I use my smartphone and justDrive in more than one vehicle?
    Yes, as long as your vehicle is supported and your smartphone is paired via Bluetooth® and connected via USB to your vehicle.

    For more information, please visit justdrive.net.

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