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As solid as your Land Rover vehicle


Under the Land Rover Approved Certified Limited Warranty, your Land Rover vehicle will be covered for either one year/unlimited miles or two years/100,000 miles, whichever comes first. Coverage begins on the vehicle's original in-service date and zero miles as reported to Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC. (For complete coverage details, please see your Land Rover Retailer.)


Land Rover Roadside Assistance Program will provide Land Rover vehicle owners, with emergency towing services to the nearest Land Rover Retailer. Contact the Land Rover's Roadside Assistance service 24 hours a day, 7 days week, all year long.


Land Rover recommends retaining your receipts and records of regular maintenance and emergency repairs. To maintain coverage under the Limited Warranty your vehicle must be serviced as recommended by Land Rover. (See your Retailer for complete Limited Warranty coverage details.)


To obtain service,contact an authorized Land Rover Retailer.



Our 165-Point inspection further ensures that every vehicle has earned the distinction "Certified." So our standards can continue to live up to yours. - Check our standards below

  • 1 Was the vehicle built for sale in the US? 

    2 Does vehicle meet age, model year and mileage eligibility? 

    3 Has the vehicle passed an independent Vehicle History and independent Mileage Check? 

    4 Is the vehicle free from any warranty restrictions? 

    5 Is the vehicle free from current or evidence of non Land Rover approved aftermarket modifications? 

    6 Does the vehicle have a complete service history? 

    7 Does the windshield VIN plate number match the VIN number information on A/B pillar/ driver’s door area? 

    8 Are there any outstanding Recalls and Service Campaigns?

  • 9 Owner’s Manual complete and present?

    10 All keys present and operational?

  • 11 General interior condition

    12 Veneer, wood, leather and headliner

    13 Glove box, console box and trim

    14 Ashtray and stowage compartment door

    15 (IF EQUIPPED) Roof opening panel and roof blind

    16 Sun visor and vanity mirror

    17 Restraint/airbag system*

    18 Seat Occupant Sensing system

    19 Child safety door latches

    20 Seat belts

    21 Steering column and steering lock

    22 Door handles (interior)

    23 Seats

    24 Carpets and mats

    25 Headlining and trim

    26 Head restraint

    27 (IF EQUIPPED) Rear and side window blinds

    28 (IF EQUIPPED) Accessories

  • 29 Stored Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)

    30 Fuses (condition/proper rating)

    31 Warning lights

    32 Window operation

    33 Central locking system

    34 Seat adjustment

    35 Mirrors

    36 Interior lights

    37 Clocks

    38 Cigarette lighters, power sockets and USB Ports

    39 Horns

    40 Wipers

    41 Washer jets

    42 Instrument panel illumination

    43 Audio system

    44 InControl® Apps and InControl® Remote & Protect

    45 Speakers

    46 Battery

    47 Alarm system

    48 Warning chimes

    49 Interior mood lighting

    50 (IF EQUIPPED) Surround cameras/venture camera**

    51 (IF EQUIPPED) Rear reversing camera**

    52 (IF EQUIPPED) Parking aid sensors**

    53 (IF EQUIPPED) Sunroof opening panel

    54 (IF EQUIPPED) Rear seat entertainment systems

    55 (IF EQUIPPED) Voice control activation system***

    56 (IF EQUIPPED) Multi-Function Display/Touch Screen***

    57 (IF EQUIPPED) Bluetooth connectivity***

    58 Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

  • 59 Automatic and manual modes

    60 Blower motor

    61 Air distribution and vent controls

    62 HVAC pollen filter

    63 Outlet temperature (heating and cooling)

    64 Exterior temperature display

    65 (IF EQUIPPED) Heated windshields

    66 (IF EQUIPPED) Heated seats

    67 (IF EQUIPPED) Cooled seats

  • 68 Headlights

    69 Parking lights

    70 Daytime Running Lights

    71 Tail lights

    72 (IF EQUIPPED) Fog lights

    73 Hazard warning lights

    74 Brake stop lights

    75 Reversing lights

    76 Turn signal indicators

    77 License plate lights

    78 (IF EQUIPPED) Headlight levelling

  • 79 General body and paintwork

    80 Panel alignment/fit

    81 Wheels

    82 Doors

    83 Bumpers and front fascia

    84 Front grille, trim and moldings

    85 Glass windshield

    86 Glass roof panel, if applicable

    87 Mirror glass (interior and exterior)

    88 Exterior lights and reflectors

    89 Fuel flap/fuel cap

    90 Fuel filler

    91 Badges and nameplates

    92 (IF EQUIPPED) Accessories

  • 93 Tool kit

    94 Spare tire or tire repair kit

    95 Trim and carpet

    96 Back of rear seats

    97 Trunk lid or tailgate

    98 (IF EQUIPPED) Power tailgate

  • 99 Hood latch

    100 Engine oil

    101 Power steering pump/hoses

    102 Cooling system fluid

    103 Coolant hoses

    104 Cooling fans and motors

    105 Brake master cylinder and booster

    106 Automatic transmission system

    107 Washer fluid

    108 Air filters

    109 Wiring

    110 Vacuum hoses

    111 Drive belts

    112 Underhood appearance

  • 113 Frame/underbody

    114 Suspension

    115 Steering

    116 Fluid leaks

    117 Engine and transmission mounts

    118 Brake lines and couplings

    119 Exhaust system

    120 Wheel bearings

    121 Brake Pad Thickness (6 mm pad material min.)

    122 Brake Rotor Thickness (rotors 50% of wear limit) - Steel Brake Rotor Weight (kg) - Carbon Ceramic

    123 Brake fluid

    124 Wheel specification

    125 Tire specifications

    126 Tire condition

    127 Tire tread depths (5/32” or 4mm min.)

    128 Wheel nuts

    129 Differential fluid level (IF APPLICABLE)

    130 Transfer case fluid level (IF APPLICABLE)

    131 Universal joints/CV joints/CV boots

    132 (IF EQUIPPED) Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

    133 (IF EQUIPPED) Diesel Fuel Funnel

  • 134 Hot/cold start

    135 Engine noises

    136 Engine idling

    137 Fuel pump/lines/hoses

    138 Starter/alternator

    139 Instrument pack gauges

    140 Fluid leaks

  • 141 (IF EQUIPPED) Electronic Air Suspension

    142 Trip computer

    143 Engine performance

    144 Vibration

    145 Wind noise

    146 Stability and pull

    147 General handling

    148 Steering wheel alignment

    149 Brake pedal

    150 ABS braking system

    151 Emergency brake

    152 Squeaks and rattles

    153 (IF EQUIPPED) Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) System** and Electronic Traction Control (ETC) System

    154 (IF EQUIPPED) Hill Descent Control® (HDC)**

    155 Cruise Control**

    156 (IF EQUIPPED) Adaptive Cruise Control**

    157 (IF EQUIPPED) Forward Alert**

    158 (IF EQUIPPED) Head Up Display***

    159 (IF EQUIPPED) Stop/start system

    160 (IF EQUIPPED) Automatic transmission

    161 (IF EQUIPPED) Terrain Response® System**

    162 (IF EQUIPPED) Blind Spot Monitor**

    163 (IF EQUIPPED) Navigation system***

    164 (IF EQUIPPED) Two speed transfer case

  • 165 Emissions

* Please remember that the safety belts in a Land Rover vehicle constitute the primary protection system for driver and passengers in collisions. Airbags are not designed to deploy in all collisions. The airbag Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) is a supplement to the safety belts and is designed to work as a system with the safety belts. Although airbags provide additional protection, airbags without safety belts do not provide optimal protection in a crash. Always wear your safety belts. Children younger than 13 years old should always be properly restrained in a back seat, away from airbags. Never place an infant seat in the front seat.

** These features are not a substitute for driving safely with due care and attention and will not function under all circumstances, speeds, weather and road conditions, etc. Driver should not assume that these features will correct errors of judgment in driving. Please consult the owner's manual or your local authorized Land Rover Retailer for more details. 

*** Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control. Do not operate, adjust or view the navigation or multimedia systems under conditions that will affect your safety or the safety of others. Only use mobile phones, (InteractiveVoice™), and other devices, even with voice commands, when it is safe to do so.

† Whichever occurs first after original sale of new vehicle, as reported to Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC. Select vehicles may have the option for different warranty terms. See your authorized Land Rover Retailer for complete terms and conditions of the limited warranty and service coverage.

The Land Rover Approved Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty, including Roadside Assistance benefits, begins when the Land Rover New-Vehicle Limited Warranty expires. For Land Rover vehicles sold as certified between 48 and 60 months from the original in-service date with the one-year unlimited mileage plan, the Approved Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty begins from the contracted sale date as reported to Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC. Vehicles can have either a one year/unlimited miles or two years/100,000 miles limited warranty coverage. See your local authorized Land Rover Retailer for complete terms and conditions of the limited warranty and service coverage.