- Land Rover InControlTM Apps mirrors the driver’s smartphone on the vehicle's Touch-screen. Select approved apps on the connected phone are displayed and can be controlled through the vehicle Touch-screen16.

- My device, My apps, My content, My configuration. Land Rover InControlTM Apps allows you to continue to use your phone inside your Land Rover vehicle and not have to learn new systems or create new preferences in each car16.

- Multi user, multi vehicle. One phone can be used in any Land Rover vehicle equipped with Land Rover InControlTM Apps, allowing you to carry your apps with you from vehicle to vehicle. In addition, different drivers can plug in to a shared vehicle and have their own individual app experiences.

- Familiar app control. The apps have been optimized to work in your Land Rover vehicle in a similar way as they do on your phone16.

- Faster to market with new apps. When new InControlTM Apps are available, you can download, update and install new apps through your phone, so the vehicle’s system can always be up-to-date.


- Apple® and AndroidTM compatible. Land Rover InControl® AppsTM works with both the latest Apple (iPhone ® 5 with iOS ® 7 and newer) and Android (v4 and newer) smartphones.

- The Land Rover InControlTM app. The Land Rover InControlTM app itself must be downloaded to the user’s phone before the system can operate. The app will be available for download through the App Store and Google Play store.

- Plug in and launch the App. Using InControlTM Apps in your Land Rover vehicle involves three simple steps16:
1. Plug the phone into the dedicated USB port inside the center console (inside the glove box on LR4 models) using the USB cable supplied with the phone;
2. Launch the Land Rover InControl®TM app on the phone;
3. Select the InControl™ function on the vehicle Touch-screen menu.

- Data usage through the user’s phone. Because the apps operate through the user’s phone any data usage for downloading and using the apps will be through the user’s mobile phone contract and carrier.

- 1. When first connected to InControl Apps, there will be an initial setup process for each 3rd party app. Until this setup is complete, apps will show up greyed out with a key symbol.
2. To begin the setup, select a greyed out app when connected to the vehicle and stationary.
3. Carefully read the instructions on screen and press ‘Start’.
4. Approve the pop-up on your mobile handset
5. Press the home button on your vehicle screen
6. Approve the pop-up on your mobile handset
7. Setup complete!
8. Repeat this process for each 3rd party application

Range Rover InControl Apps USB Port

The dedicated InControl™ Apps USB port (on the right) is inside the center console (inside the glove box on LR4)


-  Updates through the App Store and Google Play store. Unlike other vehicle software updates, InControl™ Apps lives on the user’s phone. Apps can be added and updated by the user on their smartphone with downloads though the usual online app stores through Apple or Google.

Land Rover InControl®™ Apps™ will first be introduced on the 2015 LR4 as an option, before becoming available across the rest of the 2015 Land Rover lineup, excluding LR2. See with your Land Rover Retailer for availability.