A range of features that keep you
connected to your vehicle

InControl REMOTE

Remote start your vehicle, check your fuel levels, find your vehicle in a busy car park and even check that you haven’t left a window open – all through a handy smartphone app.

InControl Protect

InControl Protect provides you with peace of mind wherever you are by way of an SOS Emergency call that notifies the emergency services of your vehicle’s location in the event of an accident where the airbags are deployed and a Breakdown call button to contact Land Rover Roadside Assistance.

InControl APPS

Land Rover InControl Apps enables you to use a variety of smartphone apps on your vehicle's touch-screen by connecting your device to the InControl Apps USB port.


How to activate a Land Rover InControl® Account

If setting up InControl® has not already been carried out by your local retailer, this video provides an overview of how to register, connect and activate your InControl® features.

To set up an Land Rover InControl® account please visit My Land Rover InControl® website.


Land Rover InControl® Apps™

Land Rover InControl® Apps™ enables you to use vehicle optimized smartphone apps on your Land Rover touch screen10 by connecting your smartphone with a USB cable to the dedicated Land Rover InControl® Apps™ USB port. Your smartphone will also be charged through the USB cable. A variety of approved vehicle optimized apps such as: Contacts, Calendar and Music Player will be available, with more third party vehicle optimised apps being released over time.


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