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Hulu's The First tells the story of a crew of astronauts attempting to become the first humans on Mars. Set in 2030, the series considers the future of transportation, including what the future Range Rover Sport could look like. But when you compare the current Range Rover Sport to its science-fiction counterpart, the future of Land Rover doesn't seem so far away.


The reimagined Range Rover Sport seen in The First features an all-electric drivetrain, using advanced solid-state batteries to improve an already refined drive. The self-driving vehicle is surrounded by a Smart Light Bar, a 360-degree sensor that reads the road surface and adjusts the drive based on any conditions it may encounter.

It looks like the future isn't too far off. Currently, the 2020 Range Rover observes the road, too. Adaptive Dynamics monitors vehicle movements up to 500 times a second, responding almost instantaneously to road conditions and helping to provide a comfortable, composed drive. And while an all-electric Land Rover vehicle isn't available yet, the 2020 Range Rover Sport Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) features a 141 hp electric motor that works alongside a lightweight Ingenium gas engine.



A few steps further into the future, the reimagined Range Rover Sport of The First recognizes its owner's voice, giving them full control over all aspects of the vehicle. The 2030 model also features full gesture recognition—eliminating the need for traditional buttons—and AI that reads its owner’s emotions, making driving safer and more intuitive.

But even today, the 2020 Range Rover Sport is equipped with similar technology to assist drivers. For example, Driver Condition Monitor can help to detect if you’re starting to feel drowsy and provides an early warning when you need to take a break. And using the Land Rover InControl® voice-recognition system, the 2020 Range Rover Sport supports Voice Command functionality, letting drivers interact with the vehicle and app while keeping focus on the road ahead.



While we haven't gotten to full vehicle autonomy just yet, the self-driving Range Rover Sport featured in Hulu's The First doesn't seem too far-fetched. Constantly looking to innovate and stand out, Land Rover makes vehicles equipped with technology that reflects a future-forward attitude and a respect for the individual owner's needs.

Current features like a customizable Interactive Driver Display and a motion-detecting Powered Gesture Tailgate are paving the way for future innovations that let drivers stay even more connected to their vehicle and aim to make the driving experience even better.

Range Rover Sport


Catch the reimagined Range Rover Sport in Hulu's The First.