SEPTEMBER 05, 2013 has named the 2013 Range Rover “Best Luxury SUV” as one of, “The 17 Best Cars You Can Buy.”

“Cars are so much more than just a sum of features and specifications. Sure, those attributes may speak to its inherent value or presumed performance on paper, but the way it all comes together is what ultimately determines how good a car really is. Just because you have a bunch of yummy-sounding ingredients doesn't mean you can't screw up baking a cake,” writes James Riswick, Automotive Editor and author of the article. Riswick continues, “It is with this reasoning that we crafted this list of the Best Cars You Can Buy, with an emphasis on the word ‘best.’"

Refined interiors, electronics and other sophisticated features often associated with leaders in the luxury sedan market have long been the domain of the flagship in the Land Rover lineup. Of the top pick in the category, Riswick finds that “. . .when it comes to luxury SUVs, none are better than the all-new, hugely impressive Range Rover.”

Capability is the primary attribute that sets the Range Rover apart from would-be competitors in the luxury sedan category. Riswick notes that if “. . .you want to ford a stream, charge up a muddy hillock or tiptoe through a boulder-strewn trail . . .the Range Rover will back up its reputation as a world-beating off-roading SUV.”

While the Range Rover more than fulfills top SUV expectations of both luxury and capability, noteworthy on-road performance galvanizes its spot on the list. Riswick concludes, “And then there are the 5.0-liter V8 engines. The supercharged version requires only 4.7 seconds to bring this still big-and-heavy luxury behemoth up to 60 mph: roughly the same time as the new [Mercedes-Benz] S550. . . . So whether you're talking about performance, opulence or competence, nothing beats a Range Rover.”

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