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We sent adventure photographer Garrett Cornelison out with a new Discovery Sport to test the vehicle’s mettle in California’s desert lakes region. His photos document the journey from Mammoth’s severe peaks to Death Valley’s extreme depths, all behind the wheel of this dynamic new vehicle.

MILE: 95 | Running Springs, CA

The desert lakes journey begins. On this first leg, adventurer, explorer and photographer Garrett Cornelison coaxes the new Discovery Sport through dense fog and forest in the mountains of Running Springs.

MILE: 98 | Running Springs, CA

“Ready for liftoff. Minutes of dreaming turned into hours of planning turned into days of waiting and now we're off. Road trips and story telling are among my favorite things so contributing to Land Rover's well storied collection is a pleasure. The Discovery Sport being our noble steed: the sky being the limit.” Garrett Cornelison – explorer, photographer.

MILE: 154 | Lucerne Valley, CA

Descending into the Mojave Desert, Garrett encounters a swiftly changing landscape, sand-blasted open roads, and blistering heat that would only intensify as Death Valley welcomed him.

MILE: 161 | Mojave, CA

A hard day’s drive yields a magnificent sunset over California’s Lucerne Valley.

MILE: 465 | Mojave, CA

Pushing further into the Mojave Desert, Garrett and the new Discovery Sport maneuvered over endless expanses of shifting sands and deceptive terrain in search of desert lakes.

MILE: 570 | Lone Pine, CA

Silver screen dusty trails spill from behind the Discovery Sport as Garrett takes Movie Road, a winding trail through iconic landscapes made famous by western films.

MILE: 742 | Bodie, CA

Garrett and the new Discovery Sport travel through time, passing through Bodie, California, a wild west ghost town abandoned in the early 20th century.

MILE: 751 | Bodie, CA

“You could argue that we made it to Bodie about 100 years after the party, but this ghost town might actually be getting better with age. Our trip with the Discovery Sport is coming to a close, but the well storied adventure lives on. Go big, then go home.” – Garrett Cornelison

MILE: 905 | Mammoth Lakes, CA

“Room. With a view. Our Discovery Sport is well packed and well storied.” – Adventure Photographer Garrett Cornelison, at Alkali Pond.

MILE: 951 | White Mountains, CA

Gnarled trees poke tortured fingers at the sky as Garrett passes through the Ancient Bristle Cone Pine Forest of California’s White Mountains, the last stage of his desert lakes journey in the new Discovery Sport.