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    • Whether you’re driving your dog to the park, taking your four-legged friend for a walk or heading to the beach, choosing the right accessories for your Land Rover vehicle can make the difference between a relaxed evening on the couch or one spent removing mud, sand and dog hair from the inside of your vehicle.

      "Designed not only for canine comfort, these accessories also help to keep your vehicle in great condition."

      Whether we’re considering our owners' family pets or using a virtual dog to help design our cargo space, dogs have always been part of the Land Rover story. Now we have designed a range of specific pet accessories packages, so choosing the right solution for your needs is simple.

      Our Pet Packages are:

      Pet Cargo Space Protection Package: Designed to provide protection from wet and muddy paws, this package facilitates easy cleaning of the cargo space. Includes the Quilted Cargo Space Liner, Full-Height Luggage Partition Divider and Spill-Resistant Pet Bowl.

      Pet Transportation Package: The convenient option to provide a comfortable environment for transporting small dogs, the Pet Transportation Package can be fitted or removed quickly, as needed. Includes the Foldable Pet Carrier, Spill-Resistant Water Bowl and Cargo Space Rubber Mat.

      Pet Care and Access Package: The perfect solution for owners who regularly carry dogs or other pets in the cargo space area of their vehicle, the Pet Care and Access Package provides everything required to transport your canine in comfort. Includes the Full-Height Luggage Partition, Quilted Cargo Space Liner, Pet Access Ramp and Portable Rinse System.

      Keep your pets hydrated on long journeys and avoid spilling water with the Spill-Resistant Water Bowl.

      Our favorite dogs, Landy and Rover, have been putting our pet accessories to the test. In our video series, they’ve brought in a few friends to see if Land Rover pet accessories live up to their standards.

      The Pet Access Ramp allows your dog to easily enter and exit the vehicle.

      Canines and Capability

      Landy and Rover love to see new places and explore new terrain. A muddy puddle may be your dog’s happy place (it’s certainly Rover’s), but it doesn’t mean you have to suffer the consequences. After all, who wants to hose down a car as well as a dog when you get home?

      Choose between a Rubber Mat or Liner Tray, both of which will keep the cargo space of your Land Rover vehicle clean by offering waterproof protection from wet paws, soggy coats and drooling mouths.

      The mat covers the carpet on the floor of the vehicle’s cargo space. The liner tray, with its raised lip on three sides, covers both the floor and the side wall carpeting, offering protection and easy cleaning.

      In the doghouse

      The Full-Height Luggage Partition Divider allows you to make the most of your cargo space while protecting your vehicle. This pet barrier is easy to fit in the back of your vehicle, while also preventing muddy paws from clambering onto the passenger seats and creating unwanted marks.

      With the Full-Height Luggage Partition Divider, your dog can remain securely in the rear of the vehicle.

      Car accessories

      Even before you choose a Pet Package, the built-in features of our vehicles help make life easier for you and your dogs.

      The Rear Height Adjust feature helps dogs of all sizes get into the car.

      The available Rear Height Adjust, shown above on the Land Rover Discovery, uses the electronic air suspension to lower or raise the height of the vehicle at the simple touch of a button. This adjustment can be helpful to smaller dogs, who might find the leap into the cargo space a little too much, and older dogs whose agility isn’t what it once was.

      With this selection of Land Rover accessories, you can transform your vehicle into a pet-friendly haven, and we’re sure the wag of your dog's tail will let you know that your Land Rover vehicle is among the best cars for dog owners.

      You can see more of Landy and Rover on our YouTube channel.

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