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    A Nashville artist and Los Angeles-based writer spend their first autumn in Vermont with the Range Rover Evoque. See the Green Mountain State through their eyes.

    • For Jedidiah Jenkins (@JedidiahJenkins) and Ruthie Lindsey (@RuthieLindsey), old friends and creative collaborators, the chance to experience an authentic New England autumn was a first. Jenkins, a writer and the Executive Editor of Wilderness magazine, resides in Los Angeles, and Lindsey, a set and event stylist, is a Nashville local.

      The duo, along with photographer and Vermont native Lulu Lovering (@lulubeeisme), started their journey in Hartford, VT. The Vermont effect was immediate: warm colors and cool air revitalizing the travelers. After resting up in Hartford, Ruthie, Jedidiah and Lulu were ready and eager to get exploring.

      The Mill at Simon Pearce, which features a workshop, store and restaurant.

      On top of bucolic beauty, the Green Mountain State boasts more farmers markets and co-ops per capita than anywhere else in the United States. Harvest season is the ideal time to reap the benefits of Vermont's agrarian culture. The apple orchards, maple syrup stands, old-fashioned dairies and craft breweries are in full swing. Many of Vermont's roadways are winding and narrow, peppered with rustic bridges and unpaved sections, so the nimble Range Rover Evoque proved to be the perfect companion for their journey.

      The first stop on their journey, Quechee, is home to a Vermont legend nearly as famous as the fall colors: glassmaker Simon Pearce. Created using traditional Georgian glass blowing techniques and made from the finest materials, Simon Pearce glassware and pottery have been gracing the tables of craftsmanship aficionados around the world for decades. Pearce himself welcomed Ruthie, Jedidiah and Lulu into his studio, where they observed the master artisan and tried their hand at glass blowing.

  2. “Glass blowing with Simon Pearce was unforgettable”


    • Inspired by their first glassmaking encounter, Ruthie, Jedidiah and Lulu continued on the country roads winding through acres of beautiful farmland. Their next destination was Rochester, VT. "We were instantly in awe," reported Ruthie. "Rochester has one market, one coffee shop, gas station and school!" Added Jedidiah, "In Rochester, during harvest season, a local farmer has more corn than he knows what to do with. So he sets a refrigerator in the middle of a field near the only highway through town. He has an honor box for people to drop a few dollars, and people can come at all hours of the day or night and get fresh corn." They quickly found hot coffee and homemade pastries at Sandy's Books and Bakery (@SandysBooksAndBakery), which doubles as a used bookstore. "Every room is named after a place in Middle-earth," Ruthie recalled. "We ate breakfast in Helms Deep every morning."

      The Range Rover Evoque accompanied Jedidiah Jenkins and Ruthie Lindsey on their first trip to Vermont.

      Rochester's pastoral valleys and high country back roads known as The Hollows offered plenty of opportunities for exploration in the Evoque. "The handling was superb," said Jedidiah. "The dirt roads of back-country Vermont would have been hard in a lot of cars. But the Evoque was made for them. The different driving modes helped us transition from paved highway to sandy beach to dirt road with ease. It is the perfect car for this type of adventure."

      After saying goodbye to Rochester, the three friends continued north on Vermont's historic Highway 100. They traversed covered bridges and wandered down back roads in the quaint little towns along the way. While in Waterbury, they also discovered their favorite burger at the Prohibition Pig. Ruthie's recommendation: "Get sriracha mayo and maple baked beans on the side." Once again, the Evoque's capability came in handy. "There were some one-lane gravel roads through thick forest and over tiny covered bridges that would have been stressful in a larger vehicle. The Evoque is able to cross almost any terrain and yet small enough to glide right through tight squeezes," said Jedidiah.

      Their journey culminated in Stowe, home to a world-class mountain resort and the setting for Smugglers' Notch, one of Vermont's most dramatic roads. "In the 19th century, smugglers used its thick forest and secluded caves as a secret route to sneak illegal goods across the Canadian border," Jedidiah explained. "Now it is one of the most scenic roads in Vermont." While at Stowe Mountain Resort, they took the chance to see fall colors from a different angle, riding the two-mile zip line over the tops of the turning trees.

      "Vermont," said Jedidiah, "had such an effect on me. The dark stone cliffs and thick forests of Vermont created privacy in me, a kind darkness. The place creates personalities." For the Los Angeles resident, it was a shift in perspective. "When we flew out of Burlington (population 42,000)," he said, "it felt like a massive city."




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