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    • Authorities on all things Miami, Nany Ramirez and Gabe Sanchez guide us through their city of never-ending contrasts and charisma—and do so in the all-new 2020 Range Rover Evoque from Land Rover. (A car that’s perfect for these self-described “all-terrain parents.”) Best known for its beaches and Art Deco buildings, Miami is anything but predictable. As Ramirez says, “When we moved here, Miami wasn’t what it is today, but I love how it continues to evolve… Just like Miami, the Range Rover Evoque was already good, but there are little things that are just making it better.” From the charming and dynamic Little Havana to museums and a hidden oasis, Ramirez and Sanchez (and their little one, Nico) offer up a unique look at the city—from art to architecture, sweet treats, coffee and more.

      “When we moved here, Miami wasn’t what it is today, but I love how it continues to evolve… Just like Miami, the Range Rover Evoque was already good, but there are little things that are making it better.”

      Nany Ramirez

      Having Nico has changed the way the couple sees their hometown, as Sanchez says, “It changes your perspective on the places you visit. You get to show him, and experience a place in a different way. It’s an adventure.” This is true of Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) and the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. Of course, each institution offers countless hours of exploration and wonder—from the underwater excitement at the aquarium to the glorious colors and scenes at PAMM. But a wander outside—with stunning architecture, lush gardens and views—provides plenty of inspiration, too.

      In a city so rich with characters and culture, it would be remiss to skip Little Havana, a place Ramirez and Sanchez like to visit for a myriad of reasons—one being the walk-up coffee windows. “You have to experience it to understand. There’s a lot that hits you as soon as you’re there. It’s an all-round multi-sensory experience,” Sanchez says. With Ramirez adding, “Little Havana is a big part of what Miami is.”

      In the Design District, opposite the Institute of Contemporary Art, is a perhaps unexpected drawcard: the ICA Parking Garage. The garage is a bright, bold and cheerful take on the kind of structure that’s oftentimes an eyesore in other cities—thanks to the work of five different talented architects and designers. Just moments away is OTL, a spot that the family visits for healthy, tasty (and photogenic) brunch. “It’s great to see the Design District grow,” Ramirez says.

      Just a five-minute drive away in Wynwood, more treats are available at Cielito, purveyors of artisanal ice-pops. Much more complex and exciting than standard frozen snacks, Cielito’s are made with fresh ingredients, very pretty and can even be customized for each customer’s taste. They even make pet-friendly pops for your pooch.

      For Ramirez and Sanchez, places like Brickell City Center provide more than shopping; it’s also a beautiful backdrop for photoshoots. With striking lines and light, it also boasts gorgeous views of the city, resulting in Sanchez oftentimes heading there for no reason other than to admire it. He tells us, “I’ll just take my camera and stare at it—for hours.”

      It’s at Little Haiti’s Cafe Roval that the duo finds respite from the buzzing city. The verdant hideaway offers up contemporary Mediterranean fare that’s focused on local ingredients, and a tranquil escape that feels miles away from the action of Miami.

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