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    • Photographer Alex Strohl spends much of his life finding and documenting the most picturesque locations on the planet. Of all the beautiful places Alex has seen, Alaska is his favorite.

      Over the summer, photographer and world traveler Alex Strohl made a special pilgrimage to the Alaskan coast. He and his wife Andrea drove from their home base in Whitefish, MT, via the Alaska (or ALCAN) Highway. Alex and Andrea are consummate partners, spending much of their time working together from the road. However, neither of them had driven the legendary North American highway in its entirety before. This would be Andrea’s first trip to Alaska, and Alex was eager to share his favorite place in the world with his partner.

      With the Discovery Sport, Alex and Andrea are able to find out-of-the-way places to camp and kayak.
      It’s not difficult to see why Alaska is Alex Strohl’s favorite place in the world.

      The Alaska Highway is built partly on permafrost and cuts through remote parts of British Columbia and Yukon. What the ALCAN lacks in road-trip standards like motels and fast food stops, it makes up for in unobstructed views of snow-capped mountains, miles of wildflowers, and occasional sightings of bear, moose and caribou.

      “Carving through Northern BC, southwestern Yukon and the heart of West Alaska was fascinating, watching the ever‑changing landscape shift over the long and impossibly diverse highway is something that you can only experience in a vehicle.”

      Alex Strohl

      “Carving through Northern BC, southwestern Yukon and the heart of West Alaska was fascinating,” says Alex. “Watching the ever-changing landscape shift over the long and impossibly diverse highway is something that you can only experience in a vehicle.”

    • Having a Discovery Sport provided the duo freedom to scout for the most interesting places to stop along the way. Alex reports that “every day, we would try to find an impossible mountain trail with potential for good views, swimming holes off the road or camping spots in the hills.”

      A secluded place to camp for the night.
      The Discovery Sport demonstrates its versatility.

      Challenges were inevitable, as the route is prone to cold weather even in the summer. Alex and Andrea were mentally prepared. “Cold temperatures and camping for an extended period of time took a toll on us. It was not an easy trip, but in the end that made it even more special and memorable,” Alex says. He notes that the premium amenities of the Discovery Sport – like the comfortable cockpit, panoramic moon roof and high-quality sound system – were at times as necessary to the travelers as the vehicle’s advanced All-Terrain Progress Control.

      Many of the roads in Alaska remain unpaved and unmarked.
      All-Terrain Progress Control helps Alex and Andrea traverse Alaska’s varying terrain.

      Before too long, Alex and Andrea had Alaskan soil beneath their tires. For the next few weeks, Alex and Andrea would explore Alaska’s finest offerings. At Knik glacier, they kayaked on water so blue it looked like it had been dyed. They shared early morning swims with humpback and beluga whales in Tutka Bay. In Homer, an Alaskan local led them deep into the fjords, where they ended up camping on their own private island. They meandered down unpaved, unmarked roads under the late-setting sun and fell asleep in a tent perched on top of the Discovery Sport.

      On an adventure deep in Alaskan fjords.
      Alex and Andrea quickly adapt to the Alaskan way of life.

      For Alex, the return to Alaska would deepen his connection to the wild, unpredictable place. He and Andrea would find themselves adapting to the Alaskan way of life, their days filled with uncrowded mountain ranges, secluded beaches, icy tundra and glacial lakes. Packing their tent on their last morning in Alaska would feel strange. Once unknown roads would feel familiar, like they were leaving home.

      But then again, being on the road would also be comforting to the frequent travelers, their next chapter unfolding before them.




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